Detail of the work Pentatonic ,by Quentin Aurat - 2015

Pentatonic is an installation made up of 5 speakers, 5 microphones, 330ft (100 meters) of cable and 5 light poles.
The arrangement of elements delimits a pentagon on the ground.
The speakers radiate the sound picked up by the microphones in the same room. Then, sound feedback is unavoidable and omnipresent.
As an oscilloscope, light poles retranscribes sound signals modulations generated by the device.
The installation is autonomne, unpredictable and sensitive to its sound environment. The instability of the result settles an atmosphere between serenity and tension.
Between harmony and dissonance, the work evolves and deflects in a precarious position. Visitors are invited to contemplate the generative inflections of this “space-exploring.”

Quentin Aurat & Émilie Pouzet
With the help of :
Emmetrop, DRAC Centre, Région Centre, Labomedia, le 108 Orléans.

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