Detail of the work Printed Hum ,by Quentin Aurat - 2012Detail of the work Printed Hum ,by Quentin Aurat - 2012

The Hum is a characteristic noise from electrical appliances. It is audible when, for example, we touch with fingers the connector of an audio input jack, connected itself to an amplifier.
By creating vinyl size discs printed on non-absorbent paper, my intention was to sublimate the transient and elusive nature of sound by the fragile and ephemeral nature of the pattern.
So I used this principle to design a system with a turntable where the electrical contact between Jacks and liquid ink creates these characteristic noises. The head of the jacks are used as read head because they are in contact with the printed discs. At the same time, these jacks carves their own paths in the wet material, and make slowly evolving sound and visual character of the disks to the total pattern cancelling, both musical and graphic.

Thanks to Cécile Babiole.
2012 – ESAD Orléans.

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