Studied art at the ESAD of Orléans (DNSEP Master II), and member of the Sound Art Research Group at the ENSA Bourges, Quentin Aurat conducts transdisciplinary work at the crossroads of several forms of expressions : videos, sound installations, and performances.

The plastic work of Quentin Aurat operates a relationship context of generation of perceptible or imperceptible phenomena with technological and human devices, often leaded by a paradoxical report the ones to the others. The particular poetry which gets free of it is often the artefact of a meeting between the archaism of a facet of the work and the sophistication of an other one. This work expresses a need to put in the study of the situations, mysterious relations between human factor and inerts things.
The artist puts the accent explicitly on a form of incarnation of the human thought in the techno-organic forms of his civilization, by not limiting itself either to a practice in particular, or to an accumulation of heterogeneous forms, but rather in a long time hybrid process. The strangeness of forms created, and the sometimes the hostile tension which results from them, is an important characteristic of this progress.

Quentin Aurat is a self-taught musician with a practice focused on improvisation and sound performance in the field of experimental music, noise, electroacoustics, as well as in musical genres derived from post-rock and jazz. Since 2004, the artist has made several sound pieces for the live show and has integrated several musical ensembles.

Finally, Quentin Aurat design electronic, digital and mechanical devices. With a solid technical culture applied to the artistic field, the artist intervenes punctually with other visual artists, musicians and students. He runs workshops and meetings around interactivity, Human-machine relations, image-sound relations and hacking.

This website is exclusively dedicated to present the artists’ works.

Quentin AURAT

Born in 1990 in Orléans, (45000) FRANCE

Currently artist and freelance graphic designer.
Since 2017, working at Bandits-Mages.
Work and live in Bourges, (18000) FRANCE

(+33)6 32 34 43 06


PDF : CV QUENTIN AURAT, avril 2018
PDF : Dossier Artistique (exerpt)