Studied art at the ESAD of Orléans (DNSEP Master II), Quentin Aurat – visual artist and musician – conducts transdisciplinary work at the crossroads of several forms of expressions such as video, sound, performance and IN-SITU installation.

Questioned by current technologies, these territories of experimentation sometimes involve digital media in a poetic relationship to the machine and the devices of sound production, which scrutinize by the senses and the critical spirit of the visitor.

Quentin Aurat has also been working with Emilie Pouzet since 2009, where a multidisciplinary and performative approach is essential.

Quentin Aurat is a self-taught musician with a practice focused on improvisation and sound performance in the field of experimental music, noise, electroacoustics, as well as in musical genres derived from rock and jazz. Since 2004, the artist has made several sound pieces for the live show and has integrated several musical ensembles.

Finally, Quentin Aurat design electronic, digital and mechanical devices. With a solid technical culture applied to the artistic field, the artist intervenes punctually with other visual artists, musicians and students. He runs workshops and meetings around interactivity, Human-machine relations, image-sound relations and hacking.


Quentin AURAT

Born in 1990 in Orléans(45000) FRANCE

Currently artist and graphic designer.
Work and live in Bourges(18000) FRANCE

(+33)6 32 34 43 06



 CV Quentin Aurat, (maj. javier 2016)

 Dossier Artistique (extrait)