Emmetrop  Bourges, FR
Cultural association : concerts, exhibitions, citizen culture... The Emmetrop association Places his energy and his passion at the moving and ever-changing service of art in the struggle against all exclusions.

Bandits-Mages  Bourges, FR
Bandits-Mages come from a long history of video-art and a culture known as "underground", on the fringes of mainstream cultural habits. It is a place making things in the service of autonomous practices and alternative productions.

Le 108  Orléans, FR
Since 2003, "le 108" is an independent place for research, for artistic experimentation. It's also a collective of professional artistic and cultural structures.

Labomedia  Orléans, FR
Dedicated place for artistic creation, research and development with a dedicated "FabLab" : a digital manufacturing workspace. Labomedia focuses on project support and knowledge transfer according to "free" and "open" ethical principles.

POCTB  Orléans, FR
"Le pays où le ciel est toujours bleu" (The country where the sky is always blue), POCTB - collective of artists, is a label of creation and diffusion in the field of contemporary art. This label proposes a program in Orléans and outside the walls.

CCNO  Orléans, FR
The CCNO (National Choreographic Center) is responsible for the creation and diffusion of information, the implementation of professional trainings, public sensibilisation activities, and the hosting of companies in residence for choreographic creations.

L'Astrolabe  Orléans, FR
L'Astrolabe, SMAC (Scene of Actual Music) of Orléans, is an artistic and pluricultural place, a place for conviviality and sharing, a welcoming place for the public and the artists.

ESAD Orléans  Orléans, FR
The School of Art and Design of Orléans is part of the network of 57 schools of art under tutelage of the Ministry of Culture. It is characterized by its design orientation and by its geographical situation close to Paris and main axes.

La Mire  Orléans, FR
Place of diffusion of the new generation and contemporary artists more confirmed, the Mire, born from the Lumen association created in 1999, remains an important actor of cultural life in the Center - Loire Valley in the fields of photography and visual arts.

ENSA Bourges  Bourges, FR
The National School of Art of Bourges (ENSA) is characterized by its vast working spaces, its numerous technical workshops, and its resources accessible to the public : the library, the exhibition gallery (La Box), and the amphitheater.

Art et Création Sonore  Bourges, FR
Space of reflection and experimentation related to the problems articulating musical and sound practices at the crossroads of the field of the plastic arts, in their historical and current stakes.

Artpotheek  Bruxelles, BE
Your Art place without prescriptions... Performances.

WRO Art Center  Wroclaw, PL
Poland’s first institution working at the intersection of contemporary art, media and communication. Our original exhibition, educational, research and publication programs are based on experimental arts and organization practices.

AAAR.fr  Région Centre, FR
AAAR is an informative web portail about resources, exhibitions, on the visual arts, or "plastic arts" in the Center-Val-de-Loire region, France.

Les Instants Chavirés  Paris, FR
Since 1991, Les Instants Chavirés has been a place of diffusion conceived as a laboratory of improvised, experimental and noisy music. Its annex offers another look around the visual and sound arts. Two places for the same sharing of a certain contemporary creation.

Galerie Plateforme  Paris, FR
Platform is an independent structure. Space of diffusion, creation and resource for the contemporary art, it works like a shared and unifying space in which the artists meet in the will of a synergy of the imaginative potentials.

Le Non Jazz  Paris, FR
Experimental, noisy music moving live place.

Éditions HYX  Orléans, FR
Éditions HYX, independant publishing house, intends to participate, in France and internationally, in the development of a prospective cultural edition. HYX publishes works - mostly bilingual - in the fields of architecture, contemporary art, philosophy, digital cultures and literature.

Cave 40  Bourges, FR

Abbaye de Noirlac  Bruère-Allichamps, FR
Historical and artistic creation place, leads education and transmission actions. Attention is paid to the soundscape. The Abbaye de Noirlac offers a season of artistic rendez-vous in various formats, and a biennale: les futurs de l'écrit (the futures of writing).

r∆∆dio c∆∆rgo  Bourges, FR
rΔΔdio cΔΔrgo is an art collective created in 2017 by two artists, Aurélia Nardini and Crys Aslanian, and based on Bourges. rΔΔdio cΔΔrgo is interested in the specific dynamics that we can summon and generate from collective radio circles.