Detail of the work Ombre à air ,by Quentin Aurat - 2013Detail of the work Ombre à air ,by Quentin Aurat - 2013

Ombre à Air is an interactive installation that questions the boundaries between real and virtual, material and immaterial. The visitor is faced with a shadows sculpture that connects animated vectorials elements with real shadows from objects interposed between the projector and the screen surface.
Thus, two images of different natures come together to form one single. The device uses the breath of visitors — sensed by microphones at the top of the masts — to activate the movement of shadows and modulate the producing sound nuances.
Ombre à Air is a polysensorial orchestra, where the fusion of components transgresses the perception by materializing the void.

Project realized with Émilie Pouzet,
video footage made by Emile Cervia at the exhibition “Open breath” at Orléanoïde festival in ESAD,
Thanks to Véronique Jauté and to the whole team from the ESAD,
(For a good listening, choose a stereo system able to reproduce a maximum of audible frequencies).

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