FM (Fait Main), n° 1

FM (Fait Main)

With Jon Haure-Placé

since 2019

FM* (Fait Main)(« Fait Main » is "handmade" in French) piece for lonely guitars, is an electric guitars duo for a solo amplifier, by Quentin Aurat and Jon Haure-Placé. The singularity of this "playing together" experience and the radicality of the instrumental approach, make this duo a sound strangulation performance. The absence of sound mixed together in favour of inter-modulation redefines the rules in a duo playing context: one cannot emit any sound without the other. Thus, interdependence is present at the most basic level of the signal. The two guitarists, back to back, perform a sound piece stretched between the hand, the speaker and the ear. The slightest inflection puts them in presence of an unknown instrument. FM is a both, a tribute and a satire of virtuosity, crafted with an "hollow" approach of instrumental playing.

*The FM Synthesis (Frequency Modulation) is a sound synthesis process that use frequency modulation between oscillators (2 minimum) to create sound, instead of adding them together (mixing, or additive synthesis) or filtering them (subtractive synthesis). This synthesis process by frequency modulation, and specifically "ring-modulation" is the only one used in the performance FM (Fait-Main). The sound result is obtained by electrically multiplying both guitars signals each others, creating a new signal which is amplified.